The Exhibit Team

Tom Rogic

Founder/Managing Director 

Tom fostered his entreprenurial spirit by completing a Diploma in Business Management and a Bachelor of International Business Management. With over 20 years of experience in contract and supply management across multi-faceted industries, he now owns and manages 3 successful companies - Echo Corporate Supplies, Gift'd  and Exhibiit Flooring. His innovative streak and ability to develop strong relationships with partnering companies across the globe are his best assets, along with an innate eye for quality products and understanding of how to market them effectively. Tom's favourite part of the work day starts off with a good coffee before all the fun begins, and outside of work he is a vintage car enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. 



Company Secretary/Chief Financial Officer

As the official bean counter at Exhibit, Dennis brings a wealth of financial skills in budgeting, analysis and general business acumen. With a Bachelor of Accounting/Commercial Law and Certified Practicing Accountant certification under his belt, he currently manages a Group account for a contraction and civil company with a turnover of $100 million. As a qualified external financial and internal control auditor, Dennis thrives on managing the final count and quality control at Exhibit . But it’s not all work and no play for Dennis – in his spare time he most enjoys spending time with his family and completing projects around the house.  



Communications/Marketing Manager 




Sales/Office Manager

Sabrina is the glue that holds the Exhibit team together. Her Diploma in Office Administration and Business and previous experience as an Executive Assistant to the CEO, CFO and Board of Directors for a publically listed company is what ensures that Exhibit runs in an effective and orderly fashion, , she most enjoys spending time with her two children and loves to relax with a cup of coffee and chocolate.


Product Development Manager 


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