Easy-To-Install Flooring

In four lightning-fast steps, you can have your surface fully installed in minutes or less.

Female PowerLock Male PowerLock


Getting Started

The panels have two sides with female PowerLock®s, and two sides with male PowerLocks. All tiles on any given installation should always have the female PowerLocks going in the same direction.

Easy-to-install flooring step one


Step One

Begin the installation by laying down your first panel in any one corner and pointing the female PowerLocks in the two directions that additional panels are to be added.

Aligning two dance floor panels for easy installation


Step Two

Place the next panel so that the male PowerLock line up over the top of the female loops on the first panel. It’s important to make sure that the female PowerLocks are facing exactly the same direction as the first panel.

Snapping the PowerLocks together on a SnapLock Dance Floor


Step Three

Gently step along the joint of the two panels. You will hear and feel the PowerLocks snap into place as you go.

Easy-to-install flooring step four


Step Four

Once the two panels are joined, repeat steps one through three remembering to keep the female PowerLocks aligned until your floor is complete.

That’s all there is to this easy-to-install flooring!

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